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 "You have instilled the enthusiasm in our family with your Family mission statement workshop and now we are excited to work towards it 🥳🥳

The book you published is just awesome … every page has something to learn and is easily relate-able.

Thank you!
We would love to register for any future workshops with you 😊."


Participant of a workshop for parents


When parents feel overwhelmed and out of sync,

coaching will help them to: 

  • (Re)-align with their parenting partner

  • Develop a parenting framework based on their values and goals

  • Craft a family mission statement

  • Create a vision and vision board for their family 

  • Learn new tools to parent with their partner as a team

  • Become mindful and intentional in their daily activities with the family

  • Integrate a caregiver, nanny or au-pair into the family

Happy Family

"I really enjoyed the workshop Monette offered. It was engaging, strategic and empowering. I walked away with ideas and plans that I'm looking forward to incorporating into my daily life, as a school teacher, as well as a parent of two children." 

J.O., Massachusetts

"Monette is the person you want supporting your journey as a parent. She is thoughtful, deepened and understanding of the challenges we all face in parenting today. One meeting with her and you won't want to let her go!"
L.Y., Massachusetts
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