I coach parents to: 
  • Develop a parenting framework based on your values and goals
  • Craft a family mission statement
  • Create a vision and vision board for your family 
  • Learn new tools to parent with your partner as a team
  • Become mindful and intentional in your day to day activities with the family
  • Integrate a caregiver, nanny or au-pair into your family, routines and schedule
Happy Family
  Coaching Teens:
  • I coach my teen/young adult clients in creating a vision for their life
  • Through coaching the young client is empowered to explore and describe a sense of meaning and purpose for themselves
  • Coaching will help them identify and describe their dreams and goals
  • An outcome of coaching are a set of habits and patterns of thought that allow for daily small steps towards achieving a healthy balance in life
  • I offer one-one-one and group coaching to create a vision board