I coach parents who feel overwhelmed and      depleted. I help them to: 
  • Develop a parenting framework based on their values and goals
  • Craft a family mission statement
  • Create a vision and vision board for their family 
  • Learn new tools to parent with their partner as a team
  • Become mindful and intentional in their daily activities with the family
  • Integrate a caregiver, nanny or au-pair into their family
Happy Family

"I really enjoyed the workshop Monette offered. It was engaging, strategic and empowering. I walked away with ideas and plans that I'm looking forward to incorporating into my daily life, as a school teacher, as well as a parent of two children." 

J.O., Massachusetts

"Monette is the person you want supporting your journey as a parent. She is thoughtful, deepened and understanding of the challenges we all face in parenting today. One meeting with her and you won't want to let her go!"

L.Y., Massachusetts

  Coaching Young People to:
  • Create a vision board for their life
  • Develop a sense of meaning and purpose 
  • Identify and describe their dreams and goals
  • Create habits and practices in line with a healthy, balanced lifestyle
  • Become aware of negative thought patterns that create worry and self-doubt

“That session was so wonderful, it was so beyond words. I felt elated, and as though I finally had guidance and direction because I had been at the mercy of such negative feelings for too long. To the point that it was impacting how I lived day to day and even my expectations and outlook on what I deserved or was privileged to enjoy or have. At the start of the session I was somewhat apprehensive and started to feel anxiety and stress in full force because if the session didn’t help, I wasn’t quite sure what I could do. But from the moment we started, I knew I’d be fine.”

J.M., College student