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"Our family is in the process of implementing some of what we learned and it is clear that these sessions will have long-term effects!"
V.D. Cambridge
"This has been the most relevant and helpful program (workshop) for family life and parenting".
Parent participant to a workshop held in Maine.
"Loved the idea and activity of creating the vision board for our family to discuss and use in the home."
Parent participant to a workshop on the role of the family in society.
"The themes on how our purpose can direct and influence how we parent were very helpful. "
Dr. S.M. Canada
"Loved focussing on SPIRE so that multiple dimensions of parenting were addressed. . Loved both deepening, discussions, space for real consultation, and making plans."
Parent participant to a workshop on finding balance and coherence in work and family life.
"Its relevance is such that I can envision having conversations with our children about the themes and creating a family vision plan together."
Parent participant to a workshop on creating a vision and vision board.
"Monette Van Lith gave an evening talk and workshop for our school's parent community.  It was a real gift.  She inspired us with ideas for planning ways to elevate communications in our busy family lives,  She suggested ways that families can define and instill their beliefs and goals into everyday living.  Monette pointed out how important it is to include any regular caregivers when we reflect upon the aspirations we hold for our children and family.  Her presentation and workshop was interesting and interactive and appropriate for families with children of all ages.
Many of our youth are in crisis.  Monette's ideas are simple, yet eloquent solutions for families who wish to take pre-emptive measures for the well-being of their children in years to come."
Laurel Zolfonoon, Director
Concord Montessori school
"Conversations and consultations between us as a couple and as parents about our family’s sense of purpose was critical.  We were able to explore our purpose, verbalize our thoughts and get onto the same page.  Sometimes we assume we know, but as so much is based on how we see our ultimate purpose it is very important to verbalize it and consult upon it."
Parent participant to a workshop on developing a vision and mission statement for the family.
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