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Monette Van Lith


Life Coach

Balancing Career and Family

Align and Integrate Your Work, Family and Personal Life

Reignite the Joy and Meaning in Your Life

Stone Tower

What kind of coaching I do:


• Parents (solo or coupled) 

• Corporate Training on Balancing Work and Personal Time or Balancing Career and Family

As a work/life balance coach, I help my clients to:

  • Become aware of strengths and challenges


  • Map obstacles and the starting point for effective change


  • Identify goals and envision a desired future


  • Agree on how goals will be measured, and in what timeframe achieved


  • Find practical strategies to overcome obstacles


  • Check in regularly to stay on track

With my results based coaching,
this is what you get:

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A balanced and integrated life where everything gets its due attention and priorities are clear.

Transform your work-life balance

Peace of mind with systems in place to do the heavy lifting of every decision-making and problem-solving.

Identify and prioritize what

can be sacrificed

Wake up every day with energy and enthusiasm to enjoy work and family time.

Develop confidence and overcome procrastination 



The ability to be present and focused when at work or at home, without any guilt or fear of missing out.

Confront and release the weight of parental guilt


Being clear about what truly matters to you.

Gain clarity about what

truly matters to you 

Transitions of any kind can cause stress leading to decreased productivity and engagement. Some examples of challenging transitions include:

  • A change in the family: a new baby, a divorce, caring for an elderly parent


  • Returning to work after parental leave or a leave of absence


  • An increase in responsibilities at work and/or at home


  • Post-Covid adjustments at home and at work

Are you ready to make the change?

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