In recent years, anxiety, depression and burnout have been on the rise. The global pandemic and its aftermath have accelerated this trend.


Chronic stress, if not managed well, can lead to burnout — a state of being characterized by exhaustion, inefficacy, cynicism, detachment from work and a lost sense of meaning. It manifests itself as irritability, loss of engagement with clients and colleagues, and a lack of joy in work or life. Burnout impacts relationships and productivity, and is linked to a range of health problems.


Stress travels. Feelings of being overwhelmed at work are brought home and challenges in the home are brought back to the workplace. Boundaries blur, and it becomes more difficult to thrive in any aspect of work or life.


Transitions of any kind can cause stress leading to decreased productivity and engagement. Some examples of challenging transitions include:

  • A change in the family: a new baby, a divorce, caring for an elderly parent

  • Returning to work after parental leave or a leave of absence

  • An increase in responsibilities at work and/or at home

  • Post-Covid adjustments at home and at work

As a work/life balance coach I help my clients to:

  • Become aware of strengths and challenges

  • Map obstacles and the starting point for effective change

  • Identify goals and envision a desired future

  • Agree on how goals will be measured, and in what timeframe achieved

  • Find practical strategies to overcome obstacles

  • Check-in regularly to stay on track

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Balancing Rocks

"I really enjoyed the workshop Monette offered. It was engaging, strategic and empowering. I walked away with ideas and plans that I'm looking forward to incorporating into my daily life, as a school teacher, as well as a parent of two children." 

J.O., Massachusetts

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"Monette is the person you want supporting your journey as a parent. She is thoughtful, deepened and understanding of the challenges we all face in parenting today. One meeting with her and you won't want to let her go!"

L.Y., Massachusetts

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